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Fraud comes in many shapes and sizes. Fraud is generally financially motivated, but can also be implemented in furtherance of an ongoing crime, or to cover up a crime which has already been committed, or for other purposes, such as to conceal one's identity. Fraud may be the basis for a multitude of criminal charges including racketeering, organized scheme to defraud, money laundering, grand theft, forgery, uttering a forged instrument, and a host of other charges, all derived from an underlying financial incentive; that is, how to take another's money. You may be charged with fraud, be the victim of fraud, or have knowledge about another's fraud.

Attorney's that concentrate in financial fraud generally develop a specialty in this area by virtue of years of financial background, and fraud experience, prior to becoming an attorney, which may include an undergraduate financial accounting degree, prior work history in the field of accounting, expert witness testimony related to financial fraud, and police and prosecution experience with fraud cases.

Attorney Joseph J. Pappacoda has concentrated an area of his practice devoted to financial fraud since 1984, having investigated, prosecuted, and defended persons accused of committing fraud, in various professional capacities over an extended period of time. Attorney Joseph J. Pappacoda is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Bryant University, Smithfield Rhode Island, which is one of the top business schools in the United States, with degree major in financial accounting. Attorney Joseph J. Pappacoda has been involved in dozens of high profile financial fraud cases throughout his career, and continues to be highly involved in this field.

For further information in the area of fraud perpetrated by individuals, or entities, against the United States government, or State governments, you are encouraged to visit Attorney Joseph J. Pappacoda's companion fraud Website: USFraudCases.com.


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