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Family law issues are diverse and include: divorce, separation, support, property settlement agreements, child custody, child support, visitation, relocation, paternity, or adoption issues to name a few.

If you cannot afford to hire an attorney to assist you with your State of Florida, family law issue, many commonly used family law forms are available to the public at no cost, found at: www.flcourts.org, by clicking on the hyperlink “Self Help–Family Law Forms”.

If you are able to hire an attorney to assist you with your family law matters, it is recommended that you do so in order to improve the chances of achieving the particular result that you desire in court. Family court is one of those places where your opponent can be an attorney if you are unrepresented by counsel.

If that scenario occurs, the judge on your case will recommend that you hire an attorney so that your interests will be properly represented before the court. If a judge ever tells you to hire an attorney, he or she is giving you a hint that you may get, figuratively, “beat-up” in court, because you are not a family law attorney.

If you are not an attorney, chances are that you are not an expert in the law, evidence code, court procedure, or local protocol used in the family court, and chances are even greater that you will not be on even ground for a fight in court with an attorney opponent who is well versed in all of these areas.

Although you do have a right to represent yourself in family law matters, it is not recommended that you do so when the other party has an attorney, because you may not wind up with the result you intended, despite your best efforts, notwithstanding that the facts are on your side. Family court can be a very stressful place. You must consider hiring an attorney to assist you for a variety of sound reasons.



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